Maureen is discovering something
new everyday, and it’s not on the internet.

Socrates pondered more important things
than bandwidth.So do you.

The search for answers doesn’t have to mean a search for WiFi.

Why read about Sir Isaac Newton and gravity offline? Because  apples don’t fall on the Internet.

Einstein wasn’t online when he discovered relativity. You don’t need the Internet to read about Einstein, or bushy moustaches.

Marge’s search of the Beatles led to discoveries about Liverpool, India, submarines, and walruses. And it never led her online.

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Overcoming Self Loathing

Why are some people full of self-loathing? The only reason I can think of is that they have been conditioned by their circumstances, their social situation, or the way in which they were raised. They may have listened to other people (or even their own minds) cut them down or say they aren’t good enough. Self-loathing may also be caused by comparing ourselves with others, or being envious of others. I think that most people have experienced some of these feelings to a greater or lesser extent, though we may not always remember them. The memories may be buried or they give a sense of peace or dejection, or they may even have happened in a previous life.

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ME TOO Congress Act

In the wake of recent sexual misconduct allegations against not just members of the Hollywood scene but also elected politicians, a hashtag Twitter campaign has swept Social Media: #MeToo. The campaign has gained such traction that a group of House and Senate Democratic lawmakers have put together a proposal to overhaul the harassment and complaint filing system.

Initially, the hashtag campaign was begun by actress Alyssa Milano in the light of the Weinstein scandal. She said,” “I thought, you know what? This is an amazing way to get some idea of the magnitude of how big this problem is. It was also a way to get the focus off these horrible men and to put the focus back on the victims and survivors.” It quickly swept into the political sphere and was adopted by female politicians looking to highlight what they see as a pervasive culture of abuse.

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